Company Profile

Professional Sales Team

Efficient Production Team

Innovative Research Team

Strict Quality Control Team

Cost-oriented Purchasing Team

Patient After-sale Service Team

Jiangsu Anda Uniontech Co.,Ltd. is registered in the economic development zone of Huan’an City, Province Jiangsu, P. R. China. We are a professional and innovative supplier of inverter welding machines and power tools. With a deep understanding of the oversea market, our company has expanded its shares a lot in the international market and the total turnover increases rapidly. Our products have been exported to many countries all over the world, including UK, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. A stable strategic partnership has been built up with our oversea clients and domestic partners.

Sales Team

Our export sales team members are with proficient multi-language ability so clients from foreign countries may freely communicate with them without any problems. Beside of language ability, they also have rich export experience in cooperation with big companies such as ALDI, Hornbach Cashcrusaders. Our salesmen have a deep insight about clients’ needs and market, so they know how to help clients to purchase suitable products and increase their turnover. Any of clients’ inquiries can be replied within 24 hours.

QC Team

QC department is responsible for making strict quality control policies and conduct these policies in their detailed daily quality control job from raw materials to finished products, sometimes even in the process of product design & mould development. Their efforts guarantee our products with stable quality and low repair rate, which make our clients very satisfied.

After-sale Team

After-sale team is for timely responding clients’ after-sale service needs. Usually we offer 1% free key spare parts to our clients(Note please: It charges or not, mainly depending on the sales price). Our clients may contact us for more spare parts which will be used in their after sale service in local market by paying a reasonable price. Our services to our clients last from the beginning of sales to the end of after sale.