One of the main markets of ANDA is Africa. Because of its excellent contributions in China-Africa international business, ANDA was invited to attend Jiangsu-SADC High Level Forum for Investment and development which was held in October 28, 2019. SADC’s full name is Southern Africa Development Community.

In this forum also attended the provincial government leaders of Jiangsu Province, the ambassadors from Africa countries such as Botswana, Mauritius, Tanzania, Zambia, Namibia,Zimbabwe,Lesotho, and the scholars from top 10 universities in China.

The basic trade policy, infrastructure development policy, tax policy and foreign currency policy were well explained by the honorable ambassador of each country. This forum has provided us a more clear idea for our future strategy in Africa market and has given us more confidence in Africa market. ANDA is now planning to put more capital and energy in Africa market.